Compliance doesn't have
to be a chore.

We automate 100% of the work to get you compliant...

One Click Compliance

With just a click you can accept a compliance recommendation and our automations will do the leg work.

Real Time Discovery & Monitoring

We continuously assess your infrastructure and tooling to ensure it stays compliant whilst automatically discovering shadow IT applications.

Extensive Reporting

Whether it's KPIs or SLAs, you can create custom reports and automate their distribution.

Industry Best Integration

We support a wide variety of tools, infrastructure providers and systems with our pre-built automations.

How AutoTen Works



AutoTen integrates with your existing GRC tool and services to get a holistic view of where you are in your compliance journey.



AutoTen’s advanced algorithms constantly evaluate and cross-examine your cyber security environment, allowing you to fully understand the next steps needed to become 100% compliant with your selected standard.



AutoTen’s industry shattering automations ensures that all tasks necessary for 100% compliance are completed automatically, pushing our “one-click” maxim to the forefront of the cyber security world, allowing businesses to become 100% compliant in minutes, not months.



AutoTen’s automations are kept constantly up-to-date with the latest changes or alterations to any of the supported security standards, ensuring that users are instantly notified and remain compliant in the ever evolving landscape of cyber security.

Our Supported Integrations

100%  automated remediation and implementation of...


SOC 2 Type 2

Cyber Essentials & Plus 






We use our own tools

We're Cyber Essentials Certified

We used our own team, and our own tools, and got certified in under 72 hours. You can use our FREE Cyber Essentials Readiness checker to see if you can achieve it too.

Put compliance on auto pilot with us

<2 weeks

to get compliant with FAT32
instead of the industry avg. of 6 months


cost reduction compared to
traditional compliance agencies


automation for our
supported standards

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Early Adopter

Our early adopter program for trailblazers of the compliance revolution.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited integrations

  • Two compliance expert sessions a month
Partners & Resellers
Price by request

For managed service providers and value added resellers.

  • Marketing materials & demos
  • Partner management of tenants
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Volume discount

Our Climate Pledge

FAT32 is proud to donate 1% of its annual revenues to carbon removal schemes to combat carbon emissions.

➡ Learn more about our efforts here


AutoTen integrates with a wide range of providers used by our customers. The most common ones are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, IBM Cloud, and SaaS platforms like Asana, Monday.com, Atlassian Jira & Confluence and more.

Once you're setup on AutoTen and you've added the platforms you'd like to integrate with, our 'workers' (the name for our robotic processes & analysis scripts) get to work immediately.

However, it can take anywhere between an hour, to a day, for the report to complete (depending on the amount of integrations and the userbase). 

Once the report is generated, you can immediately start applying the necessary recommendations to your estate. If you accept all of our recommendations, they'll automatically provision and an estimated time to complete will be shown in your account. If you manually review each recommendation, they will be actioned as soon as you approve them or at the time you've scheduled.

If at any point an issue occurs, one of our 24/7 AutoTen specialists will step in to assist. 

The brilliance of AutoTen is that our support doesn't end at the end of the automation, and as a valued customer you'll continue to receive monitoring and deviation alerts notifying you if your connected integrations deviate from the compliance standard you've selected and a one-click 'fix this' option.

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